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Depth of Perception January 24, 2006

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How far down the line do we really think? Whenever we make a decision in our lives we always or mostly list out the pros and cons but do we really think beyond the decision. What I mean is that after the decision is made, do we really know what will happen? Now no one can predict the distant future but we can make assumption based on our current situation. But really, do we do this because of our dilated perception or because we are too lazy to actually think long and hard about it. Sometimes this is good, because ignorance is bliss but the main point of this post is that we should be ready and that is only possible if we have some or the other vision of what our near future holds for us.


Where Are The Good Times, Nowadays January 22, 2006

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Looking around me I curiously picked up my daily newspaper and read on about the ads, a few days before New Years and all I could see was add upon add of discos or pubs or crap like that where people “hang out”. Now I’m not much of a party animal but I do like the occasional get to gether with my firends and watch a movie or go for lunch, but go to disco, no way. I mean, is that all we have to do now a days. I can’t take two steps without seeing a sign for some kind of disco stuff. Its maddness, do people really enjoy dancing like bafoons and pay “DJ’s” obsene amounts of money to just play remixed old songs and shout crap. I really do wonder what our new generation will be up to next, perhaps start drinking beer from the age of thirteen or maybe drugs will be the most happening thing to do the next year, whatever it be, I will still hate it.


A Real Good Friend January 16, 2006

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Now all of you people started to wonder whether I totally suck in making good friends besides master chief, well if you think like that you are definitely wrong. Now I know this dude who studies in the 11th grade. He is ok and we first encountered during my 7th grade examination. His name is held back for obvious reasons. Now he is not dimwit as you expect him to be (although he acts in a lot of ways that makes you believe he is one). In fact he is a smart ass and he knows to kiss up. No teacher (in the barbarian school of ours) will have any sort of “problem” with this kid. In fact he can butter up to people quite good and gave a promising speech last year for one of our retiring teacher
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(she was insane. She would slap boys and call everyone “They are Idiots”, the way she says those words, can never be reproduced on blog. You got to be there, laughing behind her back.) and dude the way he used the words for example “You have been our guide in darkness” (to retarded hospitals) and “we were enlightened by your presence” (yup I never new they would give P.G degrees to retards or even make them a teacher) and the one which kicked butt was “We will miss you and hope that you enjoy the rest of your life” (hell no. I wished she would jump of a cliff and fungus grows on her already decaying brain. Nothing would be left by then.). These are few of the instances when we make our teachers believe that we actually like them, but in reality we are just scoundrels laughing up our sleeves.

This dude, the one I am talking about got the highest in the school for our state examination. You would expect a guy who gets high marks in state board to take Science group. Well he baffled us all by taking the economic group. Something I had no idea he would choose for his future. But later I realized that it could earn him some real big bucks. If he becomes in charge of out tax payments, I would definitely go to him. Even though he loves kissing up, he doesn’t like the teachers at all. He might like few of them. He might become a good ladies man, since he uses his words quite well. But he has no girl friend which is quite normal in India. Hey here we have to wait until college until we get to date. And the more responsible people (like yours truly) avoid dating, due to the fierce competitions we have to face in getting a job.

Overall he is a good friend. Somebody you can trust in. (obviously you can’t be his friend). He is considered as darling by teachers and a rogue by us. And trust me he is no easy loser who can be snubbed easily. Oh hell he gives you a competition, surely challenging. Both of us sometimes share same ideas. According to me he could be a good motivator and leader too, since everybody loves him. Who knows, he might become a Julius Caesar of India. In the end he is an ok guy, with a nice heart (but not the cleanest I would say) and most of you thinking why he didn’t join in our expedition to international fame, well he doesn’t want to be a part of this. Too bad he could have been a real good asset to our rich resources. Cheers to you my parse friend. (Kola with the fire God, dude).

A man without imagination is like a bird without wings. – Albert Einstein



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Seven years. It took me seven years to finally comprehend Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. I knew many people who doubted that such a complex theory is beyond the comprehension of a normal fifteen year old, which brings me to the main point of this post. Why is it that all adults believe that children are too dumb to understand anything? I may be replied with an argument like, “Look at how children always want to be spoon fed, it’s the same for learning”. But my main hitch with that is that, it isn’t the fault of the children, but the parents itself. Our brains are just as big as theirs, so why the huge learning gap between adults and children. The obvious answer would be due to prejudice and jealousy. It may seem silly, but it is true. Adults, especially teachers don’t want their students to surpass their own knowledge, and yes, I have had such an experience personally. So the next time you are discouraged to do anything good, then give it your best anyway, I did and look where I am (refer the first line).


How Far Can I Go? January 15, 2006

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Not to be mistaken with my previous post about the importance of “sorry”, this time I post to speak about the importance of goodness. I always considered myself as a good student, person, and friend, but if anyone examines closer, is anyone of us really good. I mean seriously, I can’t truly say that any person that I have met hasn’t swore or said something insulting even once in their lives. But even if I do consider myself as a good and all round invigorating person, how far will this carry me? I have heard from people more experienced than me that, in this world there is no one “good” who has ever succeeded in life. Obviously, this has had a profound impact on my perception of the world around me, but I only ask, how far is this really true? In my search for nirvana, I shouldn’t be hindered by futile things such as this, but ultimately it comes down to the fact that, really to succeed in life one has to forgo their goodness, but I never said that I will have to do the same. In the end, it all comes down to the fact that I will never give up to be good, no matter how much I fall, I will decadence for my sins, but never will I turn down the goodness of my heart, my soul.


Should I? January 12, 2006

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I have considered myself as an exceptional student, always heads and shoulders above the others. Armed with a passion for all science and mathematics, I have spent a good deal of my free time to understand the working of many things form the minute unicellular organisms to the creation of the universe. My curiosity has never been satisfied, but recently on seeing my examination marks, I am beginning to have doubts on weather all this time spent was a waste or not. Does a person who knows so much really have a bright future? Or does a stupid person with good marks get all he (or she) wants in life? I used to think that the former was true, that such a person would surely have a brighter future. But recently I have begun to dispel such thinking to give way to the truthfulness of the latter. By the time anyone reads this, I would’ve already chosen my path and for a hint most probably it will be to join the latter.


Trip to ooty. Mismanaged and hell January 11, 2006

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During our summer holidays in 2004 (April to June), the school’s some organization had organized a trip to ooty (A tourist spot in Tamil Nadu (Really cool and awesome place) and so me and two other friends (including master chief) had decided to go along with the other boys to ooty. There was our big mistake no 1.
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After our final examinations were over I was really looking forward to this trip to ooty. I thought me and my pals could enjoy some real and pleasant surrounding away from the city. There is big mistake no 2.In the night we boarded the train (which did not have A/C) and were on the way to ooty. Me and master chief decided hey what the hell lets talk all night long. We were ready and you know we were two guys sitting back, enjoying the ride and making fun of few of our classmates and teachers. Everything was sweet till twelve o clock. On the other side were this ugly couple and their fat daughter. So since they did know English they thought that we were laughing about her really fat daughter. I mean seriously dude we are only fifteen years old and his daughter was uglier than Michael Jackson and fatter than a blue whale. So the man decides to go into action. He comes up to us start babbling in Tamil (which we definitely do not understand) and just wouldn’t shut the hell up. After that bitter moment, we decided not to talk and soon fell asleep. The next day I was woken up by master chief and hell it was cold. I decided to brush my teeth while we waited to reach the ooty station. Our teachers had promised us that we would be allowed to take bath some time later, some where near in good hotel. I believed them. There was my big mistake no 3. We boarded the bus and we had to travel the whole damn day to reach the hotel. So I didn’t have a bath. I was stinking like a skunk and the food they gave us to eat was terrible. I thought I had got loose motion and was holding my poop blaster till 8:00 clock in the evening. I had not gone to the toilet the whole day. Those were such pain full moments. I had started to dream about a toilet. The food was horrible, the chicken wasn’t cooked at all, the rice was like curry and the pappad (kind of side dish) was disgusting. And the roti (Indian bread) wasn’t even roasted properly. All I wished for was to reach the hotel where we were to stay and attain nirvana in the toilet. We had go uphill and downhill over and over and plus with serious poop disorders I felt dizzy and the only way I could hold it in was by falling asleep. It so happened we crossed three states and were back while I was sleeping (School hired a really responsible driver huh). My cell wasn’t working (I wanted to call the rescue operators to get me out of this living hell), it so happened my company switched of my and maser chief’s roaming facility. We were the only people with post paid connection (since others were too darn CHEAP). But lucky master chief, he had gotten his roaming activated by the next day.
Back to the story, we had reached the hotel (finally) but one of our partners turned his back and ran with the keys to our room with his third world ugly friends. I was pissed, master chief was pissed and when we reported this to our teacher, he gives us reply like this “You should have taken the keys faster at the counter”. What the hell, is this a free give away. We paid money for this, not to be given keys to our rooms like how beggars on the street are given their food. Swear to God a boy having loose motion and is pissed, those are the exact kind of words you should definitely in your worst night mare not use. He is getting angry at us for him not doing his job. Finally we had to adjust and all of us got the same room. (Dame Luck). The room was ok, really slick furniture and all, but one double bed. Five boys on only one double bed. That was well eiooooooooooo. I mean how we can they do this; I would definitely not sleep together with other boys. Finally we decide on settlement that three people would sleep on the bed (together) and I would sleep on the sofa and master chief gets the cold ground. Now we all decided that I should get up early (since I boasted that I get up early as 4:00 clock in the morning on usual days) and wake others up. Well I had no problem with that all. But I didn’t get up and you will not believe how pissed everyone was. Sheessh guys take a chill pill and relax. No big harm was done at all. We all got up by 7 and were ready to roll after we had our break fast. We visited few unimportant places and one of the highest peaks over there. The scene up there was amazing (not the best I have ever seen). We bought few things for our family at home. I was broke had to borrow, definitely was shame full. I had gotten some Ooty tea (famous throughout India)
And that was all I could afford. Some of my friends bought chocolates and some trump cards (loser love that game) and few more things. We had been taken to a park but we weren’t allowed to go boating. I mean what’s the use of taking us to the park meant only for boating and we are not allowed to go boating. The mini buses in which we went around the city weren’t that good looking also. We had gone back to the hotel and were leaving that evening (big trip huh). Then we went the in damn bus all around the mountain. Man that was so irritating. We had this third grade loser, who brought his digital camera. Wasn’t very cool and looked like he bought in a rummage sale. We were given poison to eat at the station as dinner. Seriously man they gave us this

Rice with curd (I hate rice especially with curd)
Egg (You call this non vegetarian)
Bread (what the hell are you giving, this is no break fast)
And some thing which was supposed to be a sweet.

We boarded the train and thought of staying awake the whole night. But no, this psycho couple boarded the neighboring compartment. Few of the boys from our class (not our friends) were making the noise near the bathroom like stupid fools. This man gets up and starts screaming at us (yet again Tamil). This time we weren’t even talking. Dude is this guy a retard. While sleeping my friend’s towel falls near his bed, he takes it uses as a pillow, drools all over the towel and takes it home the next day. He is definitely a retard.
Next day this terrible trip was over and I was finally at my house safe from the weirdoes this world had to throw at us, with a very bad taste of the whole trip.

Dig a well before you are thirsty. – Romanian proverb