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Myself and maybe beyond January 3, 2006

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So readers now I have told you a fair share about my teachers. And here we do not always like to talk about the same thing over and over again unlike Microsoft. Well about me in case you were curious. I am a boy with a light skinned body (neither black nor white) black eyes with a medium built. Height well I am taller than 5’4. I think because I have been constantly ridiculed over my height. Kinda a short huh. Well I am a really fun loving guy and I was born on 12/april/1989. As everyone knows I am an Aries. Well I like to fantasize a lot. Ya I am very imaginative person. I like to sit back think of things about my life which will never happen. I like it that way. Sometimes I want to live my life as a filthy rock star or be a cool movie star. Sometimes I want superhero and sometimes an illegal underground racer. As all of would be screaming the line cliché attack I think I don’t need to be a really call my imagination original. Well I love writing poems. But I never had been told if I write them good or bad. Pretty much most of the time my life is a pointless vacuum and I keep myself occupied by playing games or hanging out at master chiefs place. I had a lot of crazy and cool moments in my life. I had fallen in love twice and had my first kiss too. Well these are few moments which you know you can’t forget. I never fully lived in a city but after coming to Chennai my life changed.
Since you already know about my father here is something about my mother
My mother was born and brought up in kerala just like my father. She had her University education in Bimla college. I am keralite and I live in god’s own country (well that is the word not suited currently cause people change and become evil.)

You want to know more I could continue my life history on your request. Please comment.

Even in darkness light dawn for those who believe – Finnish proverb


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I am from kerla too

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