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Our Teachers Devils or Angels January 3, 2006

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In my last blog I had only talked about my class teacher. Recently I had settled down in Chennai (2001). So I have studied in many schools and this is my first single sex school. Weird stuff always happens in this famous/infamous institution of ours. Well I would like to discuss about our librarian. Well His name is unknown. He is a drunkard and is uglier than our class teacher. Well readers you see that since we are in the 10th grade we have to write our board exams (hell of a competition). Since our school religiously followed the act of giving these special objective tests to every single batch, our time had finally arrived. So it was cool and for few selected boys (yours truly was not a part of it). But later they had revised the act and allowed few boys like me to write. In case you are wondering I am not a complete idiot in studies and I do get distinction but this time I had to settle with an A grade (shock for me as well as my parents). So after the biology test our papers had been returned to us. I had got 70% in it. But I noticed that one of my correct answers was marked as wrong. I send it for evaluation. Everything cool (Well not so). I had to go to the library to get it corrected from the unknown drunkard. Hmm well he corrected the mistake and gave me my mark for it. I deserved only 80% since 16*5= 80 (unless the math association of the world reorganized the multiplication tables). Guess what stupid wrote. 16*5 = 85. Now readers if we have librarians like these how much more should I speak of the really really worthless education system of India. I mean guys come on. Even my kindergarten friends would have known answer to that right (sigh). Well this is our librarian. Did I mention the fact that our librarian (I think that is what he does, because I think he was a peon) can not speak English. Yes people he is worse than our class teacher he cannot speak English. Not even a single word. And his dressing sense. Well All he wears his one pair over and over and over again.(Guess that is what you might call recycling)

See you guys and gals for today

It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness – Chinese proverb


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