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The Meaning of Life January 3, 2006

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I am 15 years old that means I have been living on this planet for fifteen years of my life breathing in the same air, eating the same food and talking to the same people. But yet it feels empty, many people i know are completely content on being the same old person they were 10 years ago which in my opinon sucks. We live on and on doing the same job everyday. Does this seem right ? We are known only within a small group of people heck even I am known by only like 10-15 people but, to me the meaning of life is to do someting that will leave a mark on the world forever. Every man is given one lifetime to do atleast one thing in life which will be known for ages to come, to leave behind a legacy. That is the true Meaning of Life.


One Response to “The Meaning of Life”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Yup i agree too there is no meaning to life at all. We are hopeless.

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