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Is it me or has the whole world gone crazy? January 5, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — Master Cheif @ 5:00 pm

If anyone has been reading this blog (guess about one person) you would have got a fair (hopefully unbiased) opinion about me. In case you are new then check out my profile. I have several friends but there is only one who really stands out, because this is the only guy I have been friends with the longest time (four years by last count). But he is also exceptional because he is the only person who I know (or don’t), who thinks I am bossy. Now I have already told you about how many friends I have. Among them no one thinks I am arrogant let alone bossy. Now this “bossy” opinion is shared by others I know (not friends really). So I fondly ask is it really me or has the whole world gone crazy? I really can’t say.


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