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Science: Edwin Hubble January 5, 2006

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Of course everyone has heard about the Hubble Space Telescope. But has anyone ever wondered who this Hubble really was. Mr.(later Sir) Edwin Hubble was a young astronomer who was fortunate enough to research the stars through the worlds biggest telescope of his time in California. This was not all, he was also the first person to prove that the universe is expanding or, to be more precise the distance between our planet and the nearest Solar System, Andromeda is increasing. This was a very important discovery because it is the basis of Sir Stephen Hawking’s (another Scientist) Big Bang Theory, which I will talk about some other time. That’s all for now. If anyone has any topic or specific subject in Science or Mathematics they would like to know about please feel free to post it in a comment or E-mail me (use the Links on the Sidebar).


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