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Some Games I Played January 5, 2006

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I love games and recently finished Quake 4 and Call of Duty 2. The former has to be the most boring game to be played on pc while the latter is a great game and kept me occupied for long time. Quake 4 well less said about this game is better cause dude the makers already gave no story to darn game and so all you basically do is pick a machine gun or another weapon of your choice go out and shoot the Strogg enemies.
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Here is the whole list of weapons incase you were wondering

Blaster – Standard Marine-issue energy pistol, with two different modes of fire. Get stuck with this gun in the later half of the game and I assure you will go cry to your mommy.

Machine Gun – Combining fully automatic fire and a single-shot scoped mode, the machinegun is truly a versatile weapon.

Shotgun – With an eight-round internal magazine, the shotgun is excellent for close-range combat, but less useful against targets at medium or long ranges.
Hyper Blaster – Your standard plasma gun from quake 3 with a really cool name.
Grenade Launcher – Since in this game you can’t shove a grenade anywhere this what they give you instead. It is good for enemies is long range but you might get hit.
Lightning Gun – This baby comes around the middle of the game and she is a real beauty. She makes you wonder whether it was made by Nazi during the second world war to kick Hellboy’s ass (The movie cast were the ugliest people in the world. As if hell ran out of good lookin people)
Rocket Launcher – The most favorite weapon of all LAN players in the world including George Bush (He gifted it to his wife in their 7th anniversary).
Dark Matter Gun – Dudes of games this gun defines death in the most awesome way anyone has ever experienced. What I mean is this will blow your mind away in a single shot , kill all your umm friends and make you sit back and laugh at their pathetic dead bodies. It shots a sort of ball which takes away lots of health.

Gameplay- You start off as Mathew Kane a real bad ass assigned to the rhino squad whose mission is to rid the universe of the scum strogg is. You start by crash landing on their barren planet with a useless blaster. The initial levels of the game will keep you really occupied but later the game starts to get boring. Since mostly you mave to do all the job around but is quite fun. The game is so repetitive that you might fall asleep while playing it. Besides there are moments when you have a tank or mech to kick butt the rest of the game is not much of an entertainer. Since I bought the game having high expectations as I had thought it would have kicked butt but no the developers made the game sink to the deepest level of sewage in downtown area. The best part (that is what it claims to be) is the part when you become a Strogg. Nothing big, all your HUD details become orange and you have 25+ in your health meter. Wow boring game to reckon with. Not to mention the long pointless loadings. And the story just gets worse all the time since all you can do is kill (that all they taught in school hmm must be a school like ours) a million enemies at one time. The marines you encounter during the game aren’t much of a help. Basically you have three types of buddies. One those are regular, then the ones who can heal and then the ones who give you armor.
All the time making sure that you don’t fall off asleep the developers put few stupid twists and two cut scenes. That is all you have during the whole game. Motivating enough for you.

Since the game might give you 12- 14 hours of boring killing the game could be loads of fun when you’re pissed off or frustrated on someone. By killing those poor A.I. dolls you can release your anger. Trust me even if this game is hyped up to a level of such fame that duke nukem looked a sissy, do not I repeat do not buy the game. It makes No sense of any sort.

One of the good points of the game (ha you thought the game sucked completely) is that you get an awesome gun the Dark Matter Gun. Those of you who have played Unreal II: The Awakening will know gun of this sort. It blast a huge hole (not the one in your bathroom that is the toilet) and sucks up all the enemy surrounding the hole (in the toilet well it is something big load of yellow or for some people green! colored products)

They have new name for your good old plasma gun. It is now called hyper blaster.
Another good thing about the game is that your that since it is based on doom engine (guess most of you knew that huh) the environments are almost the same and I assure there are few heart pounding moments also in the game. Overall if you liked games such as Doom or Quake 2 you should most probably enjoy it. (Good luck). But one warning the ending of the games sucks big time and since I don’t want to bust your good moments those endings will be kept a secret forever.

Sound – In the sound arena the game rules (if you have a descent 5.1 channel surround ). The in game sound is great, makes you really aware of your surroundings and when you kill the big buddies they scream your pants off. Another thing is the marine voices and your grunts are done pretty well (Seriously that’s all which will come out of your mouth).

Here is my overall review of the game
Graphics – 9
Sound – 8
FuN – 6
Overall – 7.7

If you disagree on my review you are free to post in your comments.

Good bye.

If your team is mutual. The world will be on your finger tips – Unknown source


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