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Life Is So Sweet January 7, 2006

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Well readers hello again, In my last article I had typed about how my so called friend (damit man he is rich, gotta stick around him) and I got along. It has been two months since we called off our hopeless friendship and I want to tell the whole world how happy my life has been since that day. He was such and irritating moronic dimwit that a mentally retarded person would ask for mercy after spending twenty four hrs with that piece of fat bacon. He will irritate the living crap out of anyone in this whole universe (I believe even God would condemn him to hell to accompany Lucifer).
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Sometimes you (at least I would have taken shotgun and shoot out his kidney. He definitely has no brain or common sense) wouldn’t even his purpose of living on this planet. The things he does, the way pisses everyone off nobody in the whole class or even his own family like him. He is a racist, and he would go around telling people that they look like Negroes or call them monkey. Hmm you might be guessing I don’t have sense of humor to take a small joke, well if he keeps saying “monkey” or “chimpu” (chimpanzee) a billion / second then we will see where patience is? I mean come on how much do you expect a guy to take, one is ok, twice can be forgiven, thrice what the hell no problem , 500000 times I hope you DIE. And the worst thing of all is after he seriously pisses you off (to the level of punching him right in the face and making him bleed) he starts smiling as if nothing is wrong at all. Oh GOD that makes me so angry. So many times I had wished just to beat him to death but I kept checking my feelings. But one day those feelings just bursted out like a crackers on 4th of July. That was the day I got my nirvana. But to the very end he is a jerk, even after explaining to him my reasons he kept on blaming me for the fight. He said that in the morning I called him a moron ( that would definitely justify the torture he gave me through out the day). All I want to say in the end is people like (racists) should not be allowed to mingle with normal humans. And ya it could have ended with an sorry but guess our path were never meant to be together. By the way I was never referring to Master Chief.( He already knows that)

Visions of one man do not lend their wings to another man – Bangladeshi poetess


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