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Trend Spotting January 7, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — Master Cheif @ 9:34 pm

Ok, now everyone would’ve had at least one trend in their school which everyone has hated, right? So it all starts with one moron thinking that he is cool and soon everyone picks it up. I’m not what people would call a trend setter or even a trend follower, but seriously man people really need a better job to do. Come on, wasting days and months’ picking up on a stupid trend is worthless. Take for example the stupid trend of wearing sunglasses (or shades) to school or anywhere. So what people believe that permanently reducing their visibility not more important than having the latest style at hand? I’ve had experiences at this personally, too. Now according to most people only “cool” guys or girls can pick up the latest trends but nowadays even geeks and losers have their own separate set of trends. Its like before one trend ends another begins, like trend spotters don’t even have a grace period where they can wait before the go running around like morons to pick up on the next trend. So if you are the aforementioned loser/geek/moron, then please by all means don’t waste time reading this and hurry along, I think I just saw another trend pass by.


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