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Do We Deserve It ? January 8, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — Master Cheif @ 11:02 pm

We among all the animals of the world, are the most social. That means we have rules, rights and duties. But how much of this do we really deserve? We call ourselves citizens and hate the state of the country but really, who among us can really say they voted. But the list goes on, the freedom of speech, a freedom we had sought a long time ago, and yet when the need arises we keep our own freedom at bay. By this freedom we are all entitled to have a say on anything but at school or at work, how many of us can truly say that they have told their boss or teacher what they think? I know for a fact that neither me nor my friend have the courage to do so. This entire problem started a long time ago, before many of us were born. During the mid 19th Century people slowly began to curb their own freedom of speech. So the most obvious thing to do for the powerful was to put words into their mouths and so the vicious cirlce began. Fast forward to the present, we live in the most advanced age and yet we are treated more or less like slaves, to our duties, our teachers and most of all to our own limitations.


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