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From The Bottom Up January 8, 2006

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I’d like to apologise for arguing with my friend here before I start. First and foremost the problems of the world begin from right here, form among us. Ok, I agree that George Bush would’nt stop the attack on Iraq with an apology from Saddam, but think if everone in Iraq had friendly and cordial relations with USA. We don’t start wars just because of an immediate cause, as most of us would’ve learnt from our history text books. Its a progression of problems which develops into an unstable form leading to war. But think, if all of us could get along there would be no point of war. Iraq was and still is a third world country, and hence people don’t know their rights so they really had no say in any of the happenings there. And about the 5 hours marriage, like you said, if the couple were not suitable for each other, why get married in the first place. You cannot blame their headstrong stupidity as an example for the failure of sorry. Words can destroy ones whole spirtit but can also revive them as well. Just you try to compromise the next time you have a fight, I swear that it will work out.

It dosent take big words to make big men, just one “sorry”- A humble blogger’s


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