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Why Should I? January 8, 2006

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As my friend had indicated everything in the world could have been solved with word “sorry”, well I beg to differ. People have forgotten the meaning of the word sorry. Now take for example the Iraq crisis, if Saddam Hussain would have said sorry to George Bush or to the world would he would still be able to stop the invasion, NO. The point is clear, in this modern world nobody has time for correcting their relationships. A mistake is a mistake and one should go on with his life, and not feel sorry for his doings.
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The world’s shortest marriage is only 5hrs long. But does anyone know what kind of people they were. The husband could have been a drunkard or adulterer and the wife could have had pre- marital relationships with some one else ( or even the husbands own family). Nobody can blame them, it is clear that once a relationship has started, and they should make sure that they shouldn’t do anything which the other dislikes. One should have figured out the other’s likes or dislikes otherwise the relationship was never meant to be formed. Countless people have lost their lives, or have become useless due to their partners wrong doings. In the world it is pretty much clear that if there should be peace everyone MUST not interrupt the other’s social life. What did America gain by invading Iraq. People lives were at stake for a bunch of brainless politicians. The days when democracy worked for the common good are gone. In the world democracy now seems to be controlled by religions, communist and selfish inhuman beasts. For example in India, BJP , shiv sena and the like do more harm than good. These parties want India to be only for the Hindus. Now I don’t see the point. The common people had no problem with each others religious lives, but inhuman bribe taking selfish beasts that control these parties wanted a way to attract the illiterates to get few votes. Now India consists of only 30 – 35% literate people and the rest are illiterate. The latter half is easily persuaded by giving them fake promises such as 100% state funds in their lives. These people having no idea of the back stabbing attitude of these rich beasts (I swear to god if this wasn’t a blog and I was talking to Advani (politician scum); I would have shot him myself) had voted for them and bang we had five yrs of full pain full life. These were the moments the Indo- Pak war took place and the massacre in Gujarat took place on behalf of religious feelings provoked by Narendran Modi. In India they say we have the right of speech but do we exercise it. We lazy heartless people just sit back and watch the show. Most of us who are eligible to vote, just ignore the occasion as if no harm could be done. The massacre in Gujarat because of Hindu- Muslim fight was so heartless , that woman bearing a child in her womb was raped and beaten to death. Now could anyone be forgiven for this with a sorry? No people (which they are definitely not) like them should be hanged to death in public. But no, nothing of that sort happens at all here, these people enjoy deluxe privileges and are the part of the constitution.
Great democracy, a pure violation of what Abraham Lincoln had in mind when he made his world famous quote. Why should I is the very attitude everyone follows now. America is now the new age Hitler. It is trying to cause havoc in all the under developed countries and with make itself an enemy with Asian countries. But every single human in the whole world doesn’t mind it all, in fact they are willing to do anything to get a white collar job in USA. Even a degraded job in USA is considered great in under privileged countries. People look forward to go to USA , it is like some heaven or paradise for them. But I never ever would betray my motherland for a job in USA or any other part of the world for that matter (for some easy money). Only few people live with these qualities now and even those who strive to live high with their morals are ignored or just plain insulted. This is what we call THE NEW AGE. To love here one must learn to be vicious, heartless and forget all the ties that bind him to humanity and sanity.

Democracy is government for the people, by the people and of the people. – If you don’t know who quoted this, all I have to say is,” You are goddamn idiot!”


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