Deify The Mind

Don’t Mess With The Mind

Should I? January 12, 2006

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I have considered myself as an exceptional student, always heads and shoulders above the others. Armed with a passion for all science and mathematics, I have spent a good deal of my free time to understand the working of many things form the minute unicellular organisms to the creation of the universe. My curiosity has never been satisfied, but recently on seeing my examination marks, I am beginning to have doubts on weather all this time spent was a waste or not. Does a person who knows so much really have a bright future? Or does a stupid person with good marks get all he (or she) wants in life? I used to think that the former was true, that such a person would surely have a brighter future. But recently I have begun to dispel such thinking to give way to the truthfulness of the latter. By the time anyone reads this, I would’ve already chosen my path and for a hint most probably it will be to join the latter.


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