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How Far Can I Go? January 15, 2006

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Not to be mistaken with my previous post about the importance of “sorry”, this time I post to speak about the importance of goodness. I always considered myself as a good student, person, and friend, but if anyone examines closer, is anyone of us really good. I mean seriously, I can’t truly say that any person that I have met hasn’t swore or said something insulting even once in their lives. But even if I do consider myself as a good and all round invigorating person, how far will this carry me? I have heard from people more experienced than me that, in this world there is no one “good” who has ever succeeded in life. Obviously, this has had a profound impact on my perception of the world around me, but I only ask, how far is this really true? In my search for nirvana, I shouldn’t be hindered by futile things such as this, but ultimately it comes down to the fact that, really to succeed in life one has to forgo their goodness, but I never said that I will have to do the same. In the end, it all comes down to the fact that I will never give up to be good, no matter how much I fall, I will decadence for my sins, but never will I turn down the goodness of my heart, my soul.


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