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A Real Good Friend January 16, 2006

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Now all of you people started to wonder whether I totally suck in making good friends besides master chief, well if you think like that you are definitely wrong. Now I know this dude who studies in the 11th grade. He is ok and we first encountered during my 7th grade examination. His name is held back for obvious reasons. Now he is not dimwit as you expect him to be (although he acts in a lot of ways that makes you believe he is one). In fact he is a smart ass and he knows to kiss up. No teacher (in the barbarian school of ours) will have any sort of “problem” with this kid. In fact he can butter up to people quite good and gave a promising speech last year for one of our retiring teacher
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(she was insane. She would slap boys and call everyone “They are Idiots”, the way she says those words, can never be reproduced on blog. You got to be there, laughing behind her back.) and dude the way he used the words for example “You have been our guide in darkness” (to retarded hospitals) and “we were enlightened by your presence” (yup I never new they would give P.G degrees to retards or even make them a teacher) and the one which kicked butt was “We will miss you and hope that you enjoy the rest of your life” (hell no. I wished she would jump of a cliff and fungus grows on her already decaying brain. Nothing would be left by then.). These are few of the instances when we make our teachers believe that we actually like them, but in reality we are just scoundrels laughing up our sleeves.

This dude, the one I am talking about got the highest in the school for our state examination. You would expect a guy who gets high marks in state board to take Science group. Well he baffled us all by taking the economic group. Something I had no idea he would choose for his future. But later I realized that it could earn him some real big bucks. If he becomes in charge of out tax payments, I would definitely go to him. Even though he loves kissing up, he doesn’t like the teachers at all. He might like few of them. He might become a good ladies man, since he uses his words quite well. But he has no girl friend which is quite normal in India. Hey here we have to wait until college until we get to date. And the more responsible people (like yours truly) avoid dating, due to the fierce competitions we have to face in getting a job.

Overall he is a good friend. Somebody you can trust in. (obviously you can’t be his friend). He is considered as darling by teachers and a rogue by us. And trust me he is no easy loser who can be snubbed easily. Oh hell he gives you a competition, surely challenging. Both of us sometimes share same ideas. According to me he could be a good motivator and leader too, since everybody loves him. Who knows, he might become a Julius Caesar of India. In the end he is an ok guy, with a nice heart (but not the cleanest I would say) and most of you thinking why he didn’t join in our expedition to international fame, well he doesn’t want to be a part of this. Too bad he could have been a real good asset to our rich resources. Cheers to you my parse friend. (Kola with the fire God, dude).

A man without imagination is like a bird without wings. – Albert Einstein


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    its me…THE dude you’re talking about. nice one. and about the teacher that i was asked to give a ‘promising speech’ last year, i feel the same about her. she was an evil, brainless baboon who couldn’t teach for nuts!

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