Deify The Mind

Don’t Mess With The Mind

Eureka! January 16, 2006

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Seven years. It took me seven years to finally comprehend Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. I knew many people who doubted that such a complex theory is beyond the comprehension of a normal fifteen year old, which brings me to the main point of this post. Why is it that all adults believe that children are too dumb to understand anything? I may be replied with an argument like, “Look at how children always want to be spoon fed, it’s the same for learning”. But my main hitch with that is that, it isn’t the fault of the children, but the parents itself. Our brains are just as big as theirs, so why the huge learning gap between adults and children. The obvious answer would be due to prejudice and jealousy. It may seem silly, but it is true. Adults, especially teachers don’t want their students to surpass their own knowledge, and yes, I have had such an experience personally. So the next time you are discouraged to do anything good, then give it your best anyway, I did and look where I am (refer the first line).


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