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Where Are The Good Times, Nowadays January 22, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — Master Cheif @ 7:59 pm

Looking around me I curiously picked up my daily newspaper and read on about the ads, a few days before New Years and all I could see was add upon add of discos or pubs or crap like that where people “hang out”. Now I’m not much of a party animal but I do like the occasional get to gether with my firends and watch a movie or go for lunch, but go to disco, no way. I mean, is that all we have to do now a days. I can’t take two steps without seeing a sign for some kind of disco stuff. Its maddness, do people really enjoy dancing like bafoons and pay “DJ’s” obsene amounts of money to just play remixed old songs and shout crap. I really do wonder what our new generation will be up to next, perhaps start drinking beer from the age of thirteen or maybe drugs will be the most happening thing to do the next year, whatever it be, I will still hate it.


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