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All about the money. February 23, 2006

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From my last article I wanted to discuss the results of the ubercool things I wanted to do in the past. People say messing with the time line is messing with life. But I’ll show how life would be a lot sweeter, let’s go the same order like last time.

1. Emma Watson would be three times more famous becoz she was dated by on of the sexiest kid since Gavin Rossdale. Harry Potter would sky rocket.
2. My science teacher would never have been born. Thank God. I’ll strip my self butt naked and run on the streets and color my hair yellow and scream “Eureka He is dead, I am free. I don’t know why I am happy but I am”. Technically if he never born how should even know of him. Nut there are few hideous moments in life which no body can take away.
3. After all the condemning I have done to my science teacher I need to know whether I get in or am I stuck. But I think he might make an angel. It will be ripping. Check out the blogging angel.
4. Nothing wrong in a little bit investment for life. A new house by the beach is fine and 3- 5 girl friends could do for me. Not much but I also need nine kick ass rides and one monster truck to run over my teachers every day I go to school.
5. Hey if I am the only one who thinks this but Beckham totally sucks now. All he does is live of his companies. In case you were wondering it would be Pepsi, Adidas ETC.
6. If I think about it there would be never would an end to these ipods. So I would have a C.I account worth 10 million. Watch out ipod I’ll be your apple buster.
7. Crusades were the crappiest war in the history of mankind. Dude who fights for religion. That’s just retarded. Hey Muslim people like to get laid, man that should be no reason for us Christians to get pissed. We have got Tolkein.
8. Not because I don’t understand It.(I understood the starting and the end, the middle made no sense) but you know you gotta be a generation ahead. Plus I think may be I could be the next wacky Einstein. Hey who knows but I love self proclamation. I know it is always retarded of me.
9. DON”T KILL ME. I never played on Nintendo 64. So I’ll check it out in its glory and then puke my guts everywhere in the future on hearing its name. India sucks in all these things.
10. Hey the world would admit India would have been far more advanced, don’t you really think. You could buy a Ferrari for one dollar in India if Britain didn’t invade us.

If any of you all think I was under the influence of any alcohol or any drug please believe me. Drugs are bad and should not be taken under any conditions exception being if you study in my science teacher’s class. Dude I survive in his class only with the help of steroids and morphine simultaneously.
A man is a man when he does not understand a woman. – You tell me I have absolutely idea who said this retarded line.


Broken Heart

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Now that he thought about it, that voice, it was, in fact, John Smith’s voice. Against his own conscience of eavesdropping he continued to hone on to the voice. In the beginning it was some office gossip, but then he heard them kissing and then, it happened. He heard them saying that they were in love and had tricked him to believe that Johan was in love with George. He had his own fair share of disappointments but this was the worst. Unfortunately, he also had a job to do, and that meant that he had to get back to work It was no use; he couldn’t stop thinking about what happened. So he promised himself that he would never again fall for another woman. He had a job to do and thinking about love was just a viability. He turned again, this time to his own work, at the office that is and received a message form his boss calling him to his office. He entered the office. It was big and spacious, and all sorts of awards were littered all over the shelves. It clearly showed that his boss was rich and also that his boss loved to show off. He was also very ruthless and that was why he had managed to survive in this business so long. It was bad news this time and before he could say anything he was sent packing. His boss told him that he had been demoted to the post of Jack Smith, while he was promoted to George’s position. As soon as he thought that things couldn’t get any worse, he realized that he was being made fun of, in his new office. All of Johan’s flirting was just to ridicule him later. But he knew himself that this wasn’t the end of his pain, in fact, it had just begun.


In Too Deep February 22, 2006

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He returned home. He had the same dreams, he was running and all he had to do to save his father was to walk a single step and prevent him from leaving home, but just before he could he fell. He awoke wondering what the dreams meant but on seeing his clock he realized that he was late for work. It didn’t take him much time to reach his office and in fact, due to his new powers he was faster than ever. Even tough he knew that he shouldn’t be so selfish in using his powers, there were also some perks that he could enjoy besides being a superhero. He sat down on his chair, behind the huge pile of books on his table. He hadn’t been doing his work properly for the past few days and so he got on to do it. He had to copy a certain document entitled “Cuts In The Company”. Curiosity overcame him. He picked it up and was horrified to see that there was no name as John Smith at all. He believed that since this was the company’s records, all the employees’ names should be present. He continued to do his work, but managed to somehow lock himself in the copy room. Luckily for him, the ventilation system was very bad in the copy room and could be used for a two way communication device. But before he could say anything, he heard voices. He began to listen even more intently when he heard that it was, in fact, Johan’s voice, along with someone who he could barely remember.


Search and Live February 20, 2006

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*****************DEDICATED DICLAIMER*************
I want to sincerly thanks MARTHA SPENCER for actually thinking that i am my works are actually worth reading. People like you give me a lot of encouragement. Thank you and please please don’t forget to check the last paragraph.Plus check out my article “Mismanged and Hell trip to ooty” in the archives of jan 2006. It is really funny and a really long one.
Click below to read the article.

My daily routine can be described as follows
1. Get up at 5.
2. Take a bath around 7
3. Go to school
4. come back study
5. Sleep.

Hmm not much of kick ass time table but I love it. Yes, saving the world and be the fashion statement fall some where in the middle. But that is not the issue. The issue is that I always have to be challenged. This blog is one of those outlets. But living in a totally retarded school like ours will hamper all your progress. But how could you blame them. Yes don’t blame them blame their PARENTS or better blame the GOVERNMENT. If I could go back in time I would have done list of few things listed here and then become a totally kick ass guy of today’s world.

1. I would make sure my date with Emma Watson.
2. I would kill my science teacher’s parents so that he is never born. Yes the rest of the world can thank let me later.
3. I would ask Jesus that would I get in heaven.
4. I would tell bill gates to invest all his money in the when it comes along. I would ask him to endorse it they day it is made by Mastercheif and sidekick click.
5. I would ask Beckham NOT to marry posh. I think she is butt ugly.
6. I would reserve cash for an ipod in my name.
7. I would ask pope to chill out and not to go with crusades. (dude somebody should have told him to chill out)
8. I would ask Einstein to explain his theory to me alone so I can show of to my friends what a totally cool brainy I am.
9. I would buy a Nintendo 64.
10. I would ask Britain not to invade India since it totally sucks (lie we rule sometimes) and then we would be a developed nation instead of a developing nation.

I would discuss the results of these totally absurd things in the next article. So be ready to check’em out. As it came to my notice that it Martha Spencer who appreciates my work (finally I guess some one like me came along) and don’t sweat I actually think your name is kind of very cool. If you check my details you will laugh your ass out on my crappy name. It is very nice indeed of you to actually comment for me. I am very grateful to you and sincere comments from beautiful women (you could call that flirting) actually encourages me from writing on. Long live Martha.

Only a fool trusts his life to a weapon. – Ho Chi Minh.


The Man In The Iron Mask

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So, there he stood, the very next morning. He was back in his office, trying to figure out what happened the other day, but all his speculations were leading him to dead ends. He knew that he was the only of his kind because such accidents could never occur again, but how could he have the same powers. In fact, the more he thought, the more he came closer to the answer. It sounded absurd and he kept repeating the details in his head to check for errors, but they were all correct. Unfortunately, the phone rang, the message came, and he was off again. This time to a remote town called Amarillo. It was the same person, but this time he robbed the jewelry store. He caught the men, yet the rest of Mr. Bos’s men escaped with the jewels. This was very interesting, and it also helped him to figure out the person responsible for these robberies. It wasn’t Mr. Bos, it couldn’t be, it must be an impersonator. He wet to Mr. Bos’s grave and it still hurt him. It couldn’t be him; all this pain couldn’t be fake. He was a superhero, it was his job to figure out who it was, and he would.


Word up

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Sorry to all my current readers. I had been dormant for past few weeks due to useless coaching classes (which do no good, hopeless teachers) and due to preparation of THE BOARD EXAMS (totally exaggerated version of our normal annual exams).
All of you do know that I live in Chennai which is in India (incase you were wondering). This one of the four metroplitian city but freaky things happen in the weird old city. Once I was on my way to mastercheif’s house and I saw a funeral. Boy that was no ORDIANARY funeral. Any of you ever heard of people dancing during a funeral. That day totally weird and must say shocking thing I had ever seen since the face of my science teacher (dude (dudetes if any who cared to come this far) that guy is uglier than Spawn with plastic surgery on the bum). I accept if it would have been the death of my science teacher surely I would have given a treat to my friends (heck all you readers will get a Mercedes Benz read: third hand. Definitely that would be all I could afford). But this was a funeral of a person who would have been obvoisly better than my teacher (hell even a rat with rabies, aids, polio, leprosy and god knows what else I can think of when I even dare to think of him would have had a much better death). Since as long it was not my teacher or related to that dog in any way would have at least died a peaceful and lovely death. Word up for today I think my teacher is DISLIKED by me. What is your opinion? I wanted to thank Kelly Spencer for actually reading my totally hopeless blog. Kelly Spencer you win a good night from me and you will be in my prayers. PLUS don’t forget to tell your friends about us. We may be are not much but it is a humble attempt. See YA; I gotta go attend my unfinished bathroom business.

Live it up. Who knows when you die? – By a really cool dude. (No it is not Brad Pitt but I could if you want me too)


New Friendships February 19, 2006

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So, there he was, in his meeting room, meeting a new member of the board. It was interesting that his name was Jack Smith, that was because he once knew a Jack Smith way back in the 1st Grade. It was this Jack Smith whom everyone picked on, even he did. It was actually him, who was responsible for his removal from the school but this couldn’t be him. He was a much more lean boy and he had met him twice during his visit to his hometown. He was right, this wasn’t that Jack Smith. This man grew up in England. There was something very interesting tough that his mind was unusually blocked. Normally he could read anyone’s mind easily because they didn’t guard it. This man did, which meant that he had a secret. It also meant that he knew that there were people in this world who could read his mind. This was all very interesting indeed. He wanted to see where this man would go, and what his role would be in the Company. After some talking he realized that this man was the new General Officer of the company, which meant that he was his boss, but that didn’t bother his as much as the look on his face, as if, he could read all his thoughts.