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Blogging: The Money Making Machine February 1, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — Master Cheif @ 4:38 pm

What blogging really started out was as a medium for the normal people of the country to express their views. It seemed perfect for every country which allowed the freedom of speech. But what it has become now is just another medium for spamming and for earning money. People lose the integrity of their blogs as well as themselves when they decide to place advertisements as soon as they become famous. This also becomes the breeding ground for spammers who constantly spam all the people affiliated in the comments. I say this from my personal experience but would also like to congratulate the people who blog for a cause as in the case of blogging for cancer. I just humbly wish that people would just, for even a second forget the money involved and concentrate on what’s really important, the Freedom Of Speech.


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