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Musical Sounds February 2, 2006

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Hello yo people out there. It is me back from bathroom again. Now since we have talked about our school and well about a game review. Now I am back again (as if you did not know that). Well I like to music (guess you can figure that out from the title) and my scope of music is definitely limited. All I do listen to is alter rock, hardcore rock or metal. Basically anything that is heavy right.

Linkin park has been one of the bands which I hear too and they are pretty good. Here is a quick summary of their albums

Hybrid theory
Jay Z and linkin park – Coalition Course (screw it)

Now the first two albums rocked to the pinnacle of glory. What the hell were linkin park thinking when they released an album with jay-z. I mean come on dudes the worst combination ever recorded in history (apart from the tommy lee and Pamela Anderson)
. This is not music it is darn torture given by Russians to their American friends in the cold war season.
Apart from the suckers who actually went and bought their so called creation (lazy losers and hopeless monkeys) few of the smart society people downloaded it off the net. Mp3 saved the day. If you listen to their great worthless noises along with few idiots screaming( seriously I saw the music video, I think they were paid 5 bucks each to fake scream.). Now we get to here song such as big pimpin/ papercut. Hmm any ideas guys (gals if any) that how this song sucked. In fact it was shown only twice on MTV head bangers ball. Anyone out there would definitely not understand that why waste your hard earned cash by making hopelessly useless , pathetic , unbearable songs like these and put all it on a C.D. or cassette and sell it. Better they could have just come out with a brand new album (It would not have been this bad).

Those of you agree with me can give a pat on your back as you’re a part of sane and perfectly sound world. Kool or how Paris Hilton says it “That is Hot”.

Things don’t get better by worrying about them! Get a life and girl friend loser – Motto Of Sidekick Clicks

As always you are definitely free to post in your comments yours truly.


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