Deify The Mind

Don’t Mess With The Mind

No Looking Back February 12, 2006

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Sweat. The first thing George felt was sweat after getting up. He was dreaming of when he was fifteen. Now twenty-two, he was a professional businessman. Not the richest in the world but still, he had enough money for getting the job done. Now it seemed only yesterday for him, but it happened to him when he was fifteen. As soon as he made a verbal vow, at his father’s grave, someone was listening, his Arch enemy, decided to take revenge for what was done to him? So he got his friends to arrange for suphur. He ignited it and threw it on young George. Nothing happened; he seemed to be invulnerable to anything they threw at him. With a small laugh, and a tight punch he rid of their nuisance. And then it occurred to him, he was given such powers for a reason, and now, there was no looking back.


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