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An eye for an eye makes everyone blind. But makes me happy! February 13, 2006

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Over the years I had many friends. I had hated few and I had liked a few. In the end the ones I have liked had left many lasting moments in my life. The ones I have hated and reckoned my life. Today we I have written this blog in memory of an ass I have sincerely hated more than the last moron. His name would not be disclosed. Since my hatred for him extends to a level that this article has to be written in two parts

First part: This ass (donkey) I am referring to is the most moody prideful boasting SNOB on this planet. He and his completely useless and pitiful family are to be hated whole heartedly. I had joined this hell school in the middle of 6th grade. In the beginning this ass was a person with good intentions. Boy I was wrong. He had hated me from the very first day, most probably because I was undoubtedly better than him in everything. Yet he would never ever show his hatred. You got to be there at the moment to realize what type of sadist he really is. I have a very short temper yet I managed to stay cool almost on all occasion. But this son of sadist always liked to make me angry. I restrained myself considering him to be my friend since recently when I completely stopped talking to this little ass. The first confrontation between me and his pride was early this year. Simply for no reason he would insult me bare in front my friends, as if that was not bad enough in degraded me in front of my enemies and worse give the least care about my emotions. Yup he seriously is deserved to call the four letter word. But yet I stood by him like loyal sick dog to friendship. PATHETIC. I changed abruptly. I realized that people like this snob who treat others like dirt and like to see them is pain must be hated with complete dedication. I have hated him ever since our relationship went bitter. And this not the hatred which just involves verbal fighting but even worse. I have list that I would stand by which I would post tomorrow. For today all you need to know that he is a first grade snobbish money loving buffoon. He deserves no love or friends at all.

A man without new friends is like a body with no soul. – Mrs. Emma Church.


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