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The Memories Won’t Fade February 18, 2006

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He couldn’t believe it. There he was, a man who was supposed to die, yet there he stood, completely healthy and robbing a bank. He didn’t have time to dwell over it. He ran to save the day and then, it happened, he was pushed away from some invisible force. He wanted to see him again, hoping that the same happened to his father but it was in vain, as he saw Mr. Bos, run away. It had been the first time he had ever failed, and yet, it didn’t bother him. He went back to his house to think on what he saw, his secretary came in and told that he had to present a meeting in ten minutes. Now there was no time to think, he had to do his work. So, after finishing his speech, he entered the meeting room. It was packed with all the various officers but his attention was only on one person, a woman. Her name was Johan and she was the head of the Manufacturing department. As he rolled his eyes towards her, he knew that she was doing the same. He loved her but couldn’t say anything, partially due to shyness and partially due to fear of ending a beautiful friendship. But this time someone new had joined the meeting, a new officer, someone who he hadn’t ever seen before.


One Response to “The Memories Won’t Fade”

  1. Kelly Spencer Says:

    Hey guys love your blog, espically the story. Also, I was wondering where that Sidekick Click went. His posts are lol. There are not many blogs for girl to visit but this one is awsome. Keep it up guys.

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