Deify The Mind

Don’t Mess With The Mind

New Friendships February 19, 2006

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So, there he was, in his meeting room, meeting a new member of the board. It was interesting that his name was Jack Smith, that was because he once knew a Jack Smith way back in the 1st Grade. It was this Jack Smith whom everyone picked on, even he did. It was actually him, who was responsible for his removal from the school but this couldn’t be him. He was a much more lean boy and he had met him twice during his visit to his hometown. He was right, this wasn’t that Jack Smith. This man grew up in England. There was something very interesting tough that his mind was unusually blocked. Normally he could read anyone’s mind easily because they didn’t guard it. This man did, which meant that he had a secret. It also meant that he knew that there were people in this world who could read his mind. This was all very interesting indeed. He wanted to see where this man would go, and what his role would be in the Company. After some talking he realized that this man was the new General Officer of the company, which meant that he was his boss, but that didn’t bother his as much as the look on his face, as if, he could read all his thoughts.


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