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Search and Live February 20, 2006

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*****************DEDICATED DICLAIMER*************
I want to sincerly thanks MARTHA SPENCER for actually thinking that i am my works are actually worth reading. People like you give me a lot of encouragement. Thank you and please please don’t forget to check the last paragraph.Plus check out my article “Mismanged and Hell trip to ooty” in the archives of jan 2006. It is really funny and a really long one.
Click below to read the article.

My daily routine can be described as follows
1. Get up at 5.
2. Take a bath around 7
3. Go to school
4. come back study
5. Sleep.

Hmm not much of kick ass time table but I love it. Yes, saving the world and be the fashion statement fall some where in the middle. But that is not the issue. The issue is that I always have to be challenged. This blog is one of those outlets. But living in a totally retarded school like ours will hamper all your progress. But how could you blame them. Yes don’t blame them blame their PARENTS or better blame the GOVERNMENT. If I could go back in time I would have done list of few things listed here and then become a totally kick ass guy of today’s world.

1. I would make sure my date with Emma Watson.
2. I would kill my science teacher’s parents so that he is never born. Yes the rest of the world can thank let me later.
3. I would ask Jesus that would I get in heaven.
4. I would tell bill gates to invest all his money in the when it comes along. I would ask him to endorse it they day it is made by Mastercheif and sidekick click.
5. I would ask Beckham NOT to marry posh. I think she is butt ugly.
6. I would reserve cash for an ipod in my name.
7. I would ask pope to chill out and not to go with crusades. (dude somebody should have told him to chill out)
8. I would ask Einstein to explain his theory to me alone so I can show of to my friends what a totally cool brainy I am.
9. I would buy a Nintendo 64.
10. I would ask Britain not to invade India since it totally sucks (lie we rule sometimes) and then we would be a developed nation instead of a developing nation.

I would discuss the results of these totally absurd things in the next article. So be ready to check’em out. As it came to my notice that it Martha Spencer who appreciates my work (finally I guess some one like me came along) and don’t sweat I actually think your name is kind of very cool. If you check my details you will laugh your ass out on my crappy name. It is very nice indeed of you to actually comment for me. I am very grateful to you and sincere comments from beautiful women (you could call that flirting) actually encourages me from writing on. Long live Martha.

Only a fool trusts his life to a weapon. – Ho Chi Minh.


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