Deify The Mind

Don’t Mess With The Mind

The Man In The Iron Mask February 20, 2006

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So, there he stood, the very next morning. He was back in his office, trying to figure out what happened the other day, but all his speculations were leading him to dead ends. He knew that he was the only of his kind because such accidents could never occur again, but how could he have the same powers. In fact, the more he thought, the more he came closer to the answer. It sounded absurd and he kept repeating the details in his head to check for errors, but they were all correct. Unfortunately, the phone rang, the message came, and he was off again. This time to a remote town called Amarillo. It was the same person, but this time he robbed the jewelry store. He caught the men, yet the rest of Mr. Bos’s men escaped with the jewels. This was very interesting, and it also helped him to figure out the person responsible for these robberies. It wasn’t Mr. Bos, it couldn’t be, it must be an impersonator. He wet to Mr. Bos’s grave and it still hurt him. It couldn’t be him; all this pain couldn’t be fake. He was a superhero, it was his job to figure out who it was, and he would.


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