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Word up February 20, 2006

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Sorry to all my current readers. I had been dormant for past few weeks due to useless coaching classes (which do no good, hopeless teachers) and due to preparation of THE BOARD EXAMS (totally exaggerated version of our normal annual exams).
All of you do know that I live in Chennai which is in India (incase you were wondering). This one of the four metroplitian city but freaky things happen in the weird old city. Once I was on my way to mastercheif’s house and I saw a funeral. Boy that was no ORDIANARY funeral. Any of you ever heard of people dancing during a funeral. That day totally weird and must say shocking thing I had ever seen since the face of my science teacher (dude (dudetes if any who cared to come this far) that guy is uglier than Spawn with plastic surgery on the bum). I accept if it would have been the death of my science teacher surely I would have given a treat to my friends (heck all you readers will get a Mercedes Benz read: third hand. Definitely that would be all I could afford). But this was a funeral of a person who would have been obvoisly better than my teacher (hell even a rat with rabies, aids, polio, leprosy and god knows what else I can think of when I even dare to think of him would have had a much better death). Since as long it was not my teacher or related to that dog in any way would have at least died a peaceful and lovely death. Word up for today I think my teacher is DISLIKED by me. What is your opinion? I wanted to thank Kelly Spencer for actually reading my totally hopeless blog. Kelly Spencer you win a good night from me and you will be in my prayers. PLUS don’t forget to tell your friends about us. We may be are not much but it is a humble attempt. See YA; I gotta go attend my unfinished bathroom business.

Live it up. Who knows when you die? – By a really cool dude. (No it is not Brad Pitt but I could if you want me too)


One Response to “Word up”

  1. Martha Spencer Says:

    Hey Sidekick Click, I really love your posts. Trust me (I hate my name) my siter is into the stories of Master Cheif. Don’t forget to mention me in your posts, not my stupid sister. That part about the lol I asked my sister to write, IT WASNT HER. Please Please Please mention me. Thanks.

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