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All about the money. February 23, 2006

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From my last article I wanted to discuss the results of the ubercool things I wanted to do in the past. People say messing with the time line is messing with life. But I’ll show how life would be a lot sweeter, let’s go the same order like last time.

1. Emma Watson would be three times more famous becoz she was dated by on of the sexiest kid since Gavin Rossdale. Harry Potter would sky rocket.
2. My science teacher would never have been born. Thank God. I’ll strip my self butt naked and run on the streets and color my hair yellow and scream “Eureka He is dead, I am free. I don’t know why I am happy but I am”. Technically if he never born how should even know of him. Nut there are few hideous moments in life which no body can take away.
3. After all the condemning I have done to my science teacher I need to know whether I get in or am I stuck. But I think he might make an angel. It will be ripping. Check out the blogging angel.
4. Nothing wrong in a little bit investment for life. A new house by the beach is fine and 3- 5 girl friends could do for me. Not much but I also need nine kick ass rides and one monster truck to run over my teachers every day I go to school.
5. Hey if I am the only one who thinks this but Beckham totally sucks now. All he does is live of his companies. In case you were wondering it would be Pepsi, Adidas ETC.
6. If I think about it there would be never would an end to these ipods. So I would have a C.I account worth 10 million. Watch out ipod I’ll be your apple buster.
7. Crusades were the crappiest war in the history of mankind. Dude who fights for religion. That’s just retarded. Hey Muslim people like to get laid, man that should be no reason for us Christians to get pissed. We have got Tolkein.
8. Not because I don’t understand It.(I understood the starting and the end, the middle made no sense) but you know you gotta be a generation ahead. Plus I think may be I could be the next wacky Einstein. Hey who knows but I love self proclamation. I know it is always retarded of me.
9. DON”T KILL ME. I never played on Nintendo 64. So I’ll check it out in its glory and then puke my guts everywhere in the future on hearing its name. India sucks in all these things.
10. Hey the world would admit India would have been far more advanced, don’t you really think. You could buy a Ferrari for one dollar in India if Britain didn’t invade us.

If any of you all think I was under the influence of any alcohol or any drug please believe me. Drugs are bad and should not be taken under any conditions exception being if you study in my science teacher’s class. Dude I survive in his class only with the help of steroids and morphine simultaneously.
A man is a man when he does not understand a woman. – You tell me I have absolutely idea who said this retarded line.


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