Deify The Mind

Don’t Mess With The Mind

Broken Heart February 23, 2006

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Now that he thought about it, that voice, it was, in fact, John Smith’s voice. Against his own conscience of eavesdropping he continued to hone on to the voice. In the beginning it was some office gossip, but then he heard them kissing and then, it happened. He heard them saying that they were in love and had tricked him to believe that Johan was in love with George. He had his own fair share of disappointments but this was the worst. Unfortunately, he also had a job to do, and that meant that he had to get back to work It was no use; he couldn’t stop thinking about what happened. So he promised himself that he would never again fall for another woman. He had a job to do and thinking about love was just a viability. He turned again, this time to his own work, at the office that is and received a message form his boss calling him to his office. He entered the office. It was big and spacious, and all sorts of awards were littered all over the shelves. It clearly showed that his boss was rich and also that his boss loved to show off. He was also very ruthless and that was why he had managed to survive in this business so long. It was bad news this time and before he could say anything he was sent packing. His boss told him that he had been demoted to the post of Jack Smith, while he was promoted to George’s position. As soon as he thought that things couldn’t get any worse, he realized that he was being made fun of, in his new office. All of Johan’s flirting was just to ridicule him later. But he knew himself that this wasn’t the end of his pain, in fact, it had just begun.


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