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Where Have The Good Men Gone? March 23, 2006

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So there he stood, all by himself wondering how to shake off all this pain. It was like someone had stabbed him a million times and left him to die, but then again she wasn’t really his girlfriend, even after all he did for her. So what, she betrayed him and that was it. He was always a sucker for this emotional crap and so agian he fell for it. He knew that this should’nt affect his performance because his boss was already angry at him for not completing his assingment. Five days later he was fired. It had got to him, he decided to leave the city for a few days to cool down. He decided to go to his best friends house. Altough he hadn’t seen his friend Nick in quite a few years, they knew each other very well. Nick was an immigrant from India and was one of the actors in a T.V. soap opera. He reached the front door, not knowing how Nick looked anymore. The door opened and there came out this gigantic man. He had huge muscled and as he flexed them, all his veins could be seen. Yup, this was the same Nick he had made friends with. He was different in his external appearence but the inside he never changed.


Indian monkey on RAGE March 8, 2006

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People of all ages and sex I am back (for better or worse that’s a totally different matter). Guy I wanted to warn that if our blog suddenly is being stopped updated then please people don’t think we both are getting laid. Hell NO. We got exams and I may not be able to post from mar-26 to Apr 7. We have our government exams. Not like you chums back in the U.S. That reminds me now is the time George Bush is visiting India. Man all he does is visit unimportant place and stuffs his fat face. May be the Air force one won’t be able to take him back home since his weight will go KABOOM! You all know what I men right? Not much to say about out own leaders since they barely do anything. You may find them protesting them outside the parliament for some bullshit. Dude who understands politics? You got to be retard to understand a retard. (In this case a stupid suck up politician). Nothing that I have anything against democracy, but it doesn’t seem to work back here. Now remaining true to my old fashion of suddenly jump from an irrelevant topic to another here goes. By the way in the future I am thinking of actually getting a full time a girl friend. I totally suck in keeping any girl friends (I don’t even have one). I never had a girl friend. All I get to see near my BOYS school is butt ugly women and when they are butt ugly I mean they look like God it self was undergoing a process of creating human Lucifers. No more shall be said this is it Peace ya all.

Never spill the blood of your enemy as he is your brother – Kentucky lumby