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Oh My God. Not me again! April 18, 2006

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Hey wassup everybody men, women, aliens, my dog and everybody else who reads this blog it is good to be back. My crappy exams got over. Sweet now I can dance butt naked on the floor consuming steroids at the same time. This is AWESOME. Now my birthday just flew by. Just in case all you ladies were wondering when it was the date would be 12th of April. As you all can see by reading all my previous blog’s that I am a lunatic with brains (Scientists are still trying to find out if that’s true). My exams were a freakin breeze they flew just like the fart out of my ….ahh I think you already know from where it comes out.
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Back in my country we are coming close to election again (crap lying jackasses are coming back). One party is offering reduction in cost of food, clothing, and mental asylums (for the ones like me. This rules). By the way for all you angry fans (as if we have any) I would like to announce the re starting of our totally hopeless blog so this rules. By the way if you have any doubts about how I come up with all the crap to write in here please I would guide you to read “How to become a retard in less than three days” by Sir Colin Donglebell. I am just soooooooooooooooooo happy that our bloody examinations are over. I just feel like stripping my clothes and run bum naked on the high way and of course kick the nuts of my science teacher (coz I never have to see his ugly face again. At least not until the damn school opens). Don’t think that I study in some third grade school in a village in some corner of the country. I study in one of the best(that is what given on the pamphlets they gave on the last day of school) in one of 4 or may 5 metro cities of this country. Obviously we get here everything the last but hey it is better than a non metro city (hell if you don’t understand don’t ask me. You think I know what I am writing). Now since life is sweet again, politicians are going to start lying again, my dog is going to bite me in ass again and of course Bush is going to get a hair cut to update his style. I vote for devil spikes. See you tomorrow if anyone is coming here. And I would thank Martha spencer to be the only human who has some how managed to read whatever I just wrote coz I don’t know what I write neither does God. GG men.

Always look both sides before you cross the road. My cousin got hit by a truck that’s why. – A not so humble blogger with a pinch of retardness


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