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Screw Harry April 18, 2006

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Our holidays start and I have absolutely nothing to do except look outside the freakin window if I can catch a glimpse of Santa clause whipping his bucks. So this is the time my friends decide to force me to buy Harry potter. They are all like,”Hey buy Harry potter man it is like the best and the only book to buy out there.” They are like some pathetic lackey of J.K. Rowling’s some creation to get her off the freakin street and make her rich enough to show off in front of the queen herself
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The movies aren’t exactly a big block buster either. Harry Potter in the freakin movie has no emotions or whatsoever. When some body punches him in the face or he is constipating or when he is happy he reacts the same way. A three year old retarded cretin without kidneys could act way better than this screw up. By the way has any one seen the simple yet elegant J.K. Rowling who used to barely have food to live. NOW she looks like a freakin model. Dude she really screwed up the franchise. Every where I look in my school some pathetic loser always talks about the Harry Potter books. Dude in this book this guy dies, in that book some jackass comes back to life and in this book he washes his bum for the first time. This Harry Potter craze is just retarded. I barely even care to know what the hell it is. I have seen the movies and amazingly I was not shocked that retard Voldemort, seriously he should get a better hair cut. Being bald if he is planning for domination of the world of retards, witches and few other AIDS affected organisms sure GO ahead. Hell as if I care. By the way if any one of the Harry potter are reading this please don’t go all phsyo over this blog. It is just a freakin point of view you retard. One of my close acquaintances(can’t really call him a friend coz he is one pride loving, moody, brainless, rich shit bag whom I don’t at all like) started reading the books after seeing the movies. I think he started after he saw the trailer of Harry Potter on his P.C. Now he is a complete retard. All he discusses with Mastercheif is dude what happens in this part, what happened in that scene and goes on talking like a how a cow keeps eating grass except that this one keeps crappin over the whole place with Harry Potter ideas and shit. He likes to recite all the spells from the Harry potter book. Man whenever he says those spells it makes him sound like a gay loser with no brain power to realize that Harry Potter is a book not his wife. He likes to look at Harry Potter as if though it were a God. I think he might get up every morning after having wet dreams of Harry potter and decide to come to school hugging his collection of Harry Potter books which will not be in proper condition as his cousin might have had a piece out of them. Seriously his cousin consumes everything. I MEAN IT. That retard stole a magazine from Mastercheif. When Mastercheif got his copy back it had holes in them with saliva dripping from the sides and teeth marks all over the pages. Some pages were even missing. I guess Mastercheif didn’t care to ask them back since they were all in his cousin’s stomach. Any how that all for today folks.

When you sleep with your enemy keep your left eye open and your right closed.- Sir. Johan


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