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Guess this is what life is April 19, 2006

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It has been two weeks since our holidays started and I am totally bored back here. Except the crappy lies of politicians there is nothing to watch on TV these days. I think I might be taken aback by all these lies these retards can come up with. Fortunately for me I have my computer to keep me going through my life. Tomorrow is the day we have our ‘special interview’ by our principal.
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. It is probably another trick to get us students to come with our parents (as if they have no other job) and listen to that retard speak and at same time telling us how me have to bribe the school in the name of donations. Our school which is known for its great kick ass standards in the school had the crappiest crop of students in 1oth grade last year. People believe it or not we had a not one but three boys who actually flunked in math (dude a three year old retard with improper sex organ development can not fail in math). Seriously these kids are completely hopeless in their lives. GEE lucky them. They got enough cash to bribe… um I meant donate to the school. These boys/girls/god knows what else are either complete perverts or complete retards. Actually they are both (what can you say? The best of both worlds!). Now I can understand a boy who is mentally incapable of studying. But dude this guy (whose name I would not disclose to keep the dignity of this blog. Who knows? Mentioning his name might flag us. He has lots of um… anti-social parties against him) has somehow managed to pass through 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th. He fails all the monthly tests (each monthly test accounts for 5% for passing) and god knows what he does to pass in the annual exam. I have a feeling that maybe his tooth fairy helps him out during the annual exam. By the way reading his answer paper is a complete treat to the brain. It is better than watching The Simpsons. With all the broken English and out of context answers many people (including his parents) have actually considered sending him to mental asylum. The matter is still under consideration by the board of retards (in India we have a board for everything. Including one to help people in the government agencies to sort out their bribes. Aren’t our politicians really taking us to a bright tomorrow?) Talking to this cretin (by all means he has to be one) I have realized that he has no brain cells or whatsoever to keep him alive. I even doubt that he can to the bathroom in the morning. He might forget what to do while he is sitting on the bathroom seat. Now I wouldn’t really blame god for making him like what he is. It is completely his parents fault. Those irresponsible retards weren’t smart enough to actually send him to some kind of psychiatrist. If he could have taken care of the freakin problem at an early age he might have some how balanced his totally screwed up life. But since he didn’t I guess we all have to make room for another retard to live among us. I think he might a bright future in politics. Hey all you need to be politician in India is to be a retard or have a criminal record. Having both the qualities is actually a bonus back here.
We should not mourn for the people who have died in war. But praise those who have survived it. – Sarge. Micromole


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