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Record-breaking laser is hot stuff May 17, 2006

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The record for the fastest rise in temperature has just been topped. This is officially one of the most coolest news stories ever. People who have always wondered if they could blow a hole right through a wall will now be able to do it. Now, if only I could get one of these lasers and use it on Sidekick Click

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‘Star quakes’ shed light on the life cycle of stars

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Star vibrations have allowed scientists to make the first direct measurement of a star’s age. And they’ve opened the door to stellar laboratories that will help us understand more about processes that are difficult to study on Earth.

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The Necessity Of Net Neutrality May 12, 2006

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For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past six months, there has been a concept going around (in the USA) by companies like AT&T Belll that web servers who pay more money will be given higher bandwidth so that the page loads faster while those who do not pay will have to wait a lot in order to access a web site. This idea is completely proposterous because the whole concept of the Internet is to have a free sharing of information. If someone has to pay money to access anything, quicker than what is the point of going on the Net at all. We will become slaves to the companies, which, I say is more or less like extortion (not in the true sense of the word). There are several small and poor people who manage to write blogs like mine to show the world, the conditions of their lives, share new ideas, develop theories and so on. All this would be shattered in an instant, because lets face it, no one wants to wait for thirty minutes just to look up something (unless you have lots of free time). I am a big supporter for Net Neurality and I hope that those in power can also realize its importance.


False Positives – “Gamers” May 11, 2006

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Almost all of us, atleast once have played a game be it a console, pc or even a simple arcade game. So then we all can call ourselves gamers. I completely disagree. It’s like saying that just because I cut my skin I am a surgeon or just because I sang a song I am a singer (adjective meaning). I know several losers who call themselves “gamers” eventough they do not even have the caliber to finish a single game. Once upon a time, the term gamer was quite special but now with even the casual player who has played a game like solitare calls himself a gamer. I don’t want to dis anyone but these people have to realize that the term gamer does’nt mean playing like some third grade loser but to do it for atleast two hours a day or even to finish a worthwihile game. That is my plea.


E3 Fever May 6, 2006

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E3 or Electronic Entertainment Expo is the worlds largerst gathering of gaming related stuff. So like every year this year also expects a ton of game announcements. The thing which seperates this E3 from every other one is te fact that the three giants have decided to go at each other at the same time ( a feat that happened the last time between the Sega Saturn and N64). Anyways here are some of my predictions for this years E3.

1. The price point of the PS3 WILL NOT be more than $399 otherwise they will risk losing A LOT of potential consumers.

2. The Wii games will bring in a new era of awsome interactive gaming

3. Microsoft will most probably show an awsome trailer for Halo 3

4. Sony will finally show their online plan

5. Sony will also try to create a new killer app for the PS3

These are my predictions for this years E3. They may seem obvious but who cares, this is MY blog.


The Mobile Frenzy May 5, 2006

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At home, here in India, everyone and I really mean everyone has mobile phone fever. There are about forty new cell phones introduced every year in India and there are always those morons who go out and buy every frickin’ phone available in the market. The best part is that they claim to know everything about it, just because they have had every phone ever made. Truth is, most of them barely know what most of the features are used for and they keep a single phone for barely any time to familiarise with any one. Altough this is a good way to show one’s status, it also refects upon one’s stupidity and why the heck anyone would waste so much money on one thing. Whatever. There will continue to be more and more morons like them so as long as there are rich parents with spoilt (or extremely stupid) children. In any case I do hope that this disease does not claim another victim.


Mac’s – What’s The Big Deal May 4, 2006

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Nowadays, due to the recent news about the Boot Camp and Intel Macs news floating around, everyone wants to get a Mac. Now the one thing which I can’t wrap my mind around is the fact is that, whats the big deal ? I mean people (like me) who have used Windows all their lives can’t seriously think about swithcing because we have gotten used to the interface of Windows and also there is a huge leap from Windows to a Mac. The cost of the machines notwithstanding, there are also several reasons not to “convert”. Altough Macs have had a low virus count (due to the small market share), the recent craziness to switch over to the Mac will make Macs as venurable as Windows. Macs were also built on the UNIX engine with the main purpose of DTP and Video editing. People should’nt be fooled by the coolness of the case of the laptop because those are just superficial. Altough I must agree that it may sound tempting to swtich over to Mac, the reprecussions are too much and hence I will (most probably) stay a true blue Windows user.