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Summer In Chennai May 3, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — Master Cheif @ 12:15 pm

Chennai capital of Tamil Nadu, residence of internationally famous blogger, ME. Anyway, as for Chennai, the summers here are horrible. Now I know that there are places hotter than Chennai, but currently the temperature is about 42-43 degrees Celsius during the month of May. It is a struggle for everyone here and so also it is for the earth. Now, really hot summers means more juices, more A/C’s, more water etc. All these things get exploited a lot, which is a bad thing. People don’t realize how much harm is being done to our earth. I am not against turning on the A/C once in a while but like using it all day in stores and malls is against my beliefs. I also hate summers, but there must be a better alternative. Unfortunately for me, living in India, I really don’t have a voice because over here people are more worried about politics, poverty, unemployment etc and all these things are always divided into grades. For us, and notice the use of US, any problem like the degradation of the earth means that it will be taken care of later. It is a sad place and also a very sad mentality. All that I can hope for is that God take care of the people first and then he can help us out for other problems. All I hope for is that one day we can all think of problems with the same seriousness as we do with others.


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