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Mac’s – What’s The Big Deal May 4, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — Master Cheif @ 8:44 pm

Nowadays, due to the recent news about the Boot Camp and Intel Macs news floating around, everyone wants to get a Mac. Now the one thing which I can’t wrap my mind around is the fact is that, whats the big deal ? I mean people (like me) who have used Windows all their lives can’t seriously think about swithcing because we have gotten used to the interface of Windows and also there is a huge leap from Windows to a Mac. The cost of the machines notwithstanding, there are also several reasons not to “convert”. Altough Macs have had a low virus count (due to the small market share), the recent craziness to switch over to the Mac will make Macs as venurable as Windows. Macs were also built on the UNIX engine with the main purpose of DTP and Video editing. People should’nt be fooled by the coolness of the case of the laptop because those are just superficial. Altough I must agree that it may sound tempting to swtich over to Mac, the reprecussions are too much and hence I will (most probably) stay a true blue Windows user.


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