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False Positives – “Gamers” May 11, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — Master Cheif @ 7:47 pm

Almost all of us, atleast once have played a game be it a console, pc or even a simple arcade game. So then we all can call ourselves gamers. I completely disagree. It’s like saying that just because I cut my skin I am a surgeon or just because I sang a song I am a singer (adjective meaning). I know several losers who call themselves “gamers” eventough they do not even have the caliber to finish a single game. Once upon a time, the term gamer was quite special but now with even the casual player who has played a game like solitare calls himself a gamer. I don’t want to dis anyone but these people have to realize that the term gamer does’nt mean playing like some third grade loser but to do it for atleast two hours a day or even to finish a worthwihile game. That is my plea.


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