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No One To Trust June 30, 2006

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You can easily find out who your true friends are when you look around you, during the hard times, that is, and see no one. This line is very clichéd but it still holds true even after so many years. I recently, meaning yesterday, had to give a small but very important speech in front of the whole school. It was important to me and I took it very seriously. Mind you, speaking in front of easily a hundred people is no easy task.

However, I completed the task, altough with a few slight hiccups here and there. But my main point is how my friends, who were making fun of me before my speech, reacted. It was nothing like I had ever seen. All of their faces were blank, their mouths dry and hatred (or jeaously) boiling inside them. Luckily my best friend, was not one of them.

It was at that moment that I realized, I have no real friends except one. I always used to have pride in the fact that I had a number of friends, but when I needed them the most only one showed up. I knew about one of my friends, he was prone to acting this way, but his gut reaction was astonishing. All he could say was bad about it.

Well, then again, you can’t expect people to be good just because you are. The main point I am trying to make through this post is that, even tough you may think you have many friends, when the time comes no one will be there. So, it is safe to be with only one or two good friends while considering the rest as nothing but disposable, temporary friends.


Prove Myself June 28, 2006

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Realistically speaking, no matter what we do, it’s almost always done in order to impress someone or the other. Be it ourselves or someone else, we strive to raise our impressions about ourselves to others. There still remains one question which I cannot explain is, why?

Why should anyone even care what others think of them? This may sound stupid coming from someone who strives to be the best, even in someone’s eyes. I try to raise the bar, when it comes to the best. I am no suck up, and in fact, I sometimes (OK mostly) find myself criticizing the teachers actions. Yet, I do not understand why I need to do this.

So, I decided to carry out an experiment during my tenth grade. I began to act like myself, without a care in the world about how I projected myself on others. Long story short, I was a complete pompous moron. I was mostly stuck up in myself and sometimes even endangered myself by mixing with the wrong group.

For me, this need to keep my impression up is the driving force for me to lead a sinless life (i.e. not swearing, fighting etc.). However, the same cannot be said for everyone. I was lucky enough to realize the folly of my ways and corrected it as soon as possible (albeit a bit too late).

For some, the meaning of “having a good impression” is to have a good name in order to exploit it later, when they got into trouble. Basically, they misuse the confidence someone had in them. I say this, not of speculation, but of experience because I know someone who did this to me. I do not speak of him much (except to insult him) and so his story will have to found somewhere else.

Ultimately, it boils down to motive. For someone like me, proving myself, without doing any hard, is essential if I want to keep myself safe. It’s not like I have no self control but by stressing myself to keep an impression, I keep myself busy from going to the “dark side”. To anyone, who believes this is relevant, please follow it, for your own sake.


Passion Of The Subject June 26, 2006

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I love to go to school. This statement may be controversial in itself. But seriously, I really do love to go to school, recently. Let me explain. In India, there is a system whereby, on completion of the tenth grade students are allowed to choose their own subjects. So, my favorite subjects being Science and Maths, I took those.

So, nowadays I love to go to school because I only have to learn my favorite subjects, albeit with some lazy and useless teachers. In my opinion, the passion for the subject is more than enough for me to like it, irrespective of any teachers.

Sadly, I cannot say the same for my colleagues. One chat with me and I am bound to go to the principles of science or maths. However, many of the students in my class, even my friends, do not share the same enthusiasm with which I learn my subjects. This seemed really odd to me in the beginning. When you are given full freedom to study whatever you want, then why not be enthusiastic about it.

After days of pondering, the answer came to me. It doesn’t matter what subjects you take, what matters is how passionate you are about it. For some, it may not be studies but sports, TV, books etc. Although, I still do wonder how people like these will turn out. I am not as boring as I sound, because I also like to have fun but still, these “students” do not even care to learn more about what they are being taught.

Maybe, this is an outsider’s perspective, and I would surely like it if someone gave me their views on this matter, I will still consider these “students” to be failures. According to me, anyone who cannot be passionate about their future, their studies (especially when give a choice) and their academic record will just turn out to be a failure.


Help! The Robots Are Coming June 24, 2006

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Its been over fifty years since the concept of robots doing all our stuff for us was conceived. Back then most people took A.I. for granted and assumed that as soon the hardware bugs were worked out we would have complete working machines. They couldn't be more wrong. Until the mid eighties the concept of the robot seemed impossible and was soon by the end of the millennium robots were being close to completed. Unfortunately the concept of A.I. was forgotten and what scientists ended up with was just scrap metal. Research followed and soon robots like Aibo and Asimo were developed.

Just this morning, I was watching the movie Robocop 3. The movie, altough being dull, kinda freaked me out. During the course of the movie, the cyborg Robocop, retains his memories and feels emotions. This may seem impossibe and truly the most amazing thing about the human body is its sheer complexity. But what if this complexity could be emulated ? Soon we could end up with metal cans having the same emotions as we have. At present, if such a thing were to happen, it would be amzing and truly celebrated.

Fast forward to the future. The "emotional" robot who is incharge of serving coffee at the local pub gets pissed off and murders his customers or the healing robot at the hospital begins to cry whenever he sees a patient die. For me, the concept of emotions should always stay with humans. It is what makes us humans. If it could be emulated, then so could the human brain, and soon we would be stuck with a Matrix-ish stiuation.

Maybe, I am just getting paranoid for nothing. Maybe, such technology is impossible. Come to think of it, since humans are flawed then surely its creations will be. This may not be necessary, because we already have seen how successive generations of technology get better and better. I am a true naturalist and believe the amazing human body, should belong sloely to humans and emulating it would the one of the biggest and worst crimes against nature.


Social Networking – Why Does It Work So Well ? June 22, 2006

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By this time almost everyone has heard of social networking, we all know what is MySpace and Facebook and in case you don't, you can crawl back into the rock you live in. It has taken off at a great pace. But, one thing still bothers me, why has it taken off in the first place?

Think about it, no matter how much we like it to be, the internet is not a safe place by any means. At almost every corner, danger lurks. If its not stuff like viruses, trojans and worms, there are the creative few who learn to fraud by phishing and scamming. With the advent of broadband there's also the concept of launching DOS attacks to start extortion. Then why would anyone be willing to talk to someone they barely know.

In todays world, everything, from getting help to getting married, is done through the internet. Usually, I am not a hyper paranoid person but even I have paranoia sometimes. After reading articles about how hackers learn faster than the defenders, it can scare anyone. Just think about it, while you are reading this blog, thousands, even millions of people could be potentially trying to steal your social security number, credit card number etc., essentially, your identity.

To the novice, all this may seem a bit far fetched but to us veterans, its almost a daily battle. With our anti virus, firewalls, anti phishing programs, we try to protect ourselves from the very thing that social networking could potentially become, the hackers paradise.

Then again, people love to interact. The society is just as important as drinking water or eating. Many mental disorders are a direct consequence of loneliness. In spite of this how can we trust a person hidden by the montior. It could be anyone even a garbage man pretending to be Bill Gates (a slight exaggeration). What I point is that, under the mask of the internet, we could become anyone we want.

Personally, I believe social networking has a lot of potential but unfortunately, as always, all it requires to destroy it, is a couple of idiots who like to scam. For me, the concept of social networking works only in practice. Eventough I have a MySpace, I use it only rarely. You may call me backward, but if keeping myself safe is backwardness, then so be it. I am Master Cheif (see the paranoia again) and I am backward.


Depth Of View June 17, 2006

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No, I am not talking about real vision. What I really mean to say, is that how many people, blinded by their own ignorance, do not realize what’s going on around them. When I say this I don’t refer to a single person but multiple people. There are many out there who have no idea about their rights. Whenever I read such a thing in my school books, I could never imagine what it would be like to be so ignorant.

I, however, did find out (albeit the hard way) what it is really like. I always wondered why village people or poor people cannot understand their rights and its use to the country. The problem is their enviornment. If anyone grows up in a slum-ish enviornment, he or she is sure to be brought up the wrong way. People don’t want to open their minds to some alternative.

Sure, its eazy to be lazy and not care about anything at all, but it takes a real man to step up. I have seen several instances where people, who knew that they were doing the wrong thing, did not have the “guts” to step up. They refused to act justly, acting as if they were ignorant. That is just pure selfishness. This may seem typical to most people, but there are some people who take this a step further.

I know several (all of my friends) people who don’t even know that by being ignorant espically in matters where people take things for granted (like financial matters), and do not realize that it is them who end up the losers. What may seem like a good idea, to be lazy, is not really so. In fact, even I, the whiner, have been tempted to be lazy but unfortunately I have a really piercing conscience.

My friends don’t realize how imporant money is. To them it is simply a note, a piece of paper. They understand that its worth a lot, but cannot understand what it represents. I am not trying to act cheap, but to me, money represents all the hard work that my parents took to earn it. Every note, is like a piece of their life, the time they took to earn it is invaluable and they hard work they undertook is even more precious. Obviously, I do not condemm anyone who spends it, I just condemm the people who take too many liberties with it. Everthing has a price and those who do not understand that have already forsaken themselves.

So, all I want to explain is that whether people understand it or not, they should not crtisize any one who does the right thing or who demands for their rights.


Living: Should It Really Be So Tough ? June 16, 2006

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Sixteen years, thats how long I have been living on this planet. It doesn’t seem like quite a long time compared to most people, but in my breif experience all I have noticed is that stage after stage life seems to get harder and harder. Now as my title suggests, should life really be so tough ?

When I was small, during my naive nursery days, learning the spelling of numbers seemed to kill me (due to its toughness). Skip thirteen years, now I am in the eleventh grade and life seems to be like a living hell. If it isin’t the studies, which often bury me in homework, its relationships (not girlfriends, I study in a boys only school). I have several friends, each with their own set of emotions and worst of all, each with their own egos.

Now, at the surface, dealing with all that seems like child’s play, but all that is only in theory. Can anone even imagine the strees which children, espically in India feel because of their studies. Here, getting good grades is much more important than even life itself. I don’t know why and I learn to live with it (because even I get good grades) but sometimes even I reach my limits of endurance. I come home, really tired and then I realize that I have live twenty piles of homework left. Then I get scolded by my parents for my low grades (if any).

Usually, I am a pacafist, but sometimes I can’t control it and literally explode with anger, often for the smallest things. People think I am crazy for screaming at my sister because she wants the remote but they don’t realize that, that anger is the sum of all the crap I have taken at school.

What it all boils down to, is that, the government just wants us kids to never think for ourselves and just study. Maybe my biggest gripe is that I have to question everything. I don’t know if this helps us but maybe the record suicides due to over stressed students should sound a wake up call to all the lazy dogs at the government. Unfortunately, I am not born to change the world (altough, I would love to), and so all I can do is whine and scream at this blog. It sure is a stress buster.