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Long Time, No See June 1, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — Master Cheif @ 12:32 am

Man, has this been a long week, for one, I recently joined a coaching school, and hence I was absent from my blogging duties but now I am back. I just started my own MySpace account and anyone interested can add me at Anyways, I also recently realized that I have been a fool and that we don’t actually have a real topic to focus on. So I decided to make this my personal space, where I can begin on rants about anything I want. It may not seem interesting, but who cares. This is MY blog. Altough the concept of blogging is qutie new, it doesn’t stop people from trying something new, like me. Personally, I love blogs because they are a creative outpost, where anyone can post about almost anything. Unfortunately, many companies do not appreciate this freedom of speech and several times people are removed from jobs, schools, colleges etc. because of expressing themselves. This is absolute crap but too bad no one has the time or the energy to fight “The Man”. We begin this new day and age with more constranits then the Victorian Age. I guess, it never changes. People hate to be critisized, even if it is constructive. I only know too well how it feels like to be crtitsized. God too also has an ironic humor about Him, because I know that he punishes people by making them the very thing they despise. I hope that God has some mercy on this blogger.


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