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Stick It To The Man June 1, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — Master Cheif @ 12:16 pm

Here in India, where I live, the movie, Da Vinci Code recently had a lot on controversy and now has been officially banned in my hometown of Chennai. First and foremost, this sucks. I loved the book and because of some over religious, orthodox Christians, I am unable to watch the movie. Now, there is one thing which I can’t wrap my mind around, why is it that only one side of the story is heard ? I, do not in any way want to offend people of various religions but people, come on ! I have seen several movies which go against peoples belifs, but I believe, that the Da Vinci Code, is an exception because it attacks the religion directly.

I do not understand why people cannot have an open mind about these things. I am not a heavily religious person and hence do not care if anyone says anything about my religion. It doesn’t affect me in any way. So, why can’t people have the same attitude. Live and let live, I always say. I appreciate the concern, that parents do not want their kids to go loco but atleast let the deserving people watch the movie. Others should not and cannot govern the movies which I see or the books which I read. It is upto the parents to be responsible for their childrens’ behaviour. My only hope is that this form of governing ones freedom does not catch on as another way to prevent me from seeing or reading something I want to.


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