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The Photographer June 1, 2006

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So, as my pictures already tell you, I have started to take them (pretty obvious). Altough, until very recently, I had no interest in taking pictures whatsoever but then after reading a blog about a photogropher I felt suddenly urged to take pictures. I then realized that taking photos is not as superficial as it seems. A true photogropher will do whatever it takes to get that perfect picture. It seems simple at first, and take it from first hand experience that is really difficult. A real and good picture does not need any caption nor any explanation. It should be self explanatory. There are some awsome pictures in the web out there. A picture may be a way to express oneself but it can also be a time machine.

Altough this may sound stupid at first, think about it, a single photo can virtually stop time. It freezes the action forever. No other form can do that. Its so amazing to see some truly inspiring photos. Altough paintings also come into this category, they have a sense of style in their own. Nothing can beat a trip to the Lourve in Paris to check out the Mona Lisa. Many of its secrets may be unlocked by now but it still never hurts to check it out. I was hoping that my pictures would be self explantory but I will post their true meaning by my next post. Anyway, till then, keep guessing.


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