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The Memoirs Of An Indian Wedding – Beta June 2, 2006

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So, finally the time has come. No, I’m not about to die (sorry Sidekick Click) but instead I am going to go to my cousins’ wedding. She lives in Patna, Bihar and so the wedding will take place there. I really like this cousin but am no fan of weddings (in fact, I find them very boring). Since my blog is targeted towards the whole world, I am planning to keep you all updated or atleast try to describe what an Indian wedding is like.

I was planning this to be a daily update but unfortunately it turned out that I will be unable to connect to the internet during my visit. I will, however try to post as often as I can but cannot promise anything. So, anyway I will publish my entire stay (spanning nine days) on a single day. I will divide it into each day of my stay, to avoid any confusion. Hence, I am taking along with me, my diary and will write down anything I see and also take lots of pictures (maybe not of the wedding). I will also try to describe the customs involved. However, I would also like to warn that this may not turn out as I have planned but rest assure that it will be a post on Sunday, June 11th.

Till then, I bid you all farewell and am handing over the blog to my trusty sidekick. I hope he can refrain himself from posting about crappy and boring stuff. Well, I’m off. Bye.


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