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The Irritations Of Daily Life June 12, 2006

Filed under: Happenings of Life — Master Cheif @ 7:55 am

Have you ever had one of those days when you felt like you wanted to beat the crap out of everyone, well, I did today. For some unknown reason, I am really agitated today. Maybe I got out of the wrong side of the bed, but I don’t know. This brings me to my main point, why the heck is life so irritating.

Its been like five minutes after I wake up when like everyone starts ringing my freakin bell. I get up fifty times when some or the other moron comes up to me to sell something. I really hate that (like everyone else). Then after fifteen minutes of telling him to go away, I finally lie down. Then it comes, like a huge brick to my face. I have to go to school.

It turned out that my school book were being given out on Saturday and since I was at Patna, I had to buy them today. So, I had to go. I went, only to find that there was a mile long line to reach the book stall. I waited (like I had a choice). Meanwhile, my patience was being tested to its absolute limits, because I kept meeting moron after moron asking me stupid question, like I’m a freakin’ office.

I finally reached the stall only to find that the rush casued the book guy to mix up my books and I had to wait another half an hour till he finally corrected the error and I could be on my way. Then came the worst thing ever. Traffic. I fought it for like an hour and when I finally reached home four hours later I was so tired that I slept and now I am typing this post to take my mind off it (lemme tell you, it doesn’t work, I am still pissed).


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    I have added u in my blogroll, U have really nice articles.

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