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Is It Just Me ? June 15, 2006

Filed under: Happenings of Life — Master Cheif @ 5:16 pm

Ever since I was a small boy I always wanted to be a scientist, altough at the time I didn’t know about the various fields of science so well. The point I am trying to make is that, eventough I was ambitious (not in the purest sense of the word), I have many friends who have taken up their profession depending upon their marks.

This may seem like a good idea, in theory, only. In practicality it is an awful idea. Think about it. Being ambitious, I learnt about physics and science in general, from the age of five. This has given me a clear advantage over my competitors in my field. This knowledge is completely useless in India because here only the bookish knowledge is graded, not the true knowledge. What this means is that the student who can memorize the text books will get the highest marks. Maybe this is the reason for their coolness about the topic but their ignorance is astounding.

A single chat with me will reveal that I love to talk about science. As one of my previous blog postings will tell you, I already found out Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity when I was twelve years old. I do not mean to show-off but I wish to give an example of the difference between me and my classmates. Now this does’nt mean that all Indian students are this way, but a major portion of them are this way. This does not concern me, but the only reason I hate this is because there is no one left in my friends circle who I can have an intellegent discussion with.

I love to read books, not just novels but even science books also. I am no geek and I never show my “hobbies” to anyone. In spite of this, I have never met anyone who shares the same interests like me. In a way almost all of my relationships are purely for an ulterior motive, I don’t really know. What I do know is that for now, I will have to keep all this to myself until I find the right person. Lemme just say this one thing that, for a while, I felt that I thought I found the person, maybe he knows this but unfortunately it was his descison to end it.


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