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Living: Should It Really Be So Tough ? June 16, 2006

Filed under: Whines & Rants — Master Cheif @ 6:29 pm

Sixteen years, thats how long I have been living on this planet. It doesn’t seem like quite a long time compared to most people, but in my breif experience all I have noticed is that stage after stage life seems to get harder and harder. Now as my title suggests, should life really be so tough ?

When I was small, during my naive nursery days, learning the spelling of numbers seemed to kill me (due to its toughness). Skip thirteen years, now I am in the eleventh grade and life seems to be like a living hell. If it isin’t the studies, which often bury me in homework, its relationships (not girlfriends, I study in a boys only school). I have several friends, each with their own set of emotions and worst of all, each with their own egos.

Now, at the surface, dealing with all that seems like child’s play, but all that is only in theory. Can anone even imagine the strees which children, espically in India feel because of their studies. Here, getting good grades is much more important than even life itself. I don’t know why and I learn to live with it (because even I get good grades) but sometimes even I reach my limits of endurance. I come home, really tired and then I realize that I have live twenty piles of homework left. Then I get scolded by my parents for my low grades (if any).

Usually, I am a pacafist, but sometimes I can’t control it and literally explode with anger, often for the smallest things. People think I am crazy for screaming at my sister because she wants the remote but they don’t realize that, that anger is the sum of all the crap I have taken at school.

What it all boils down to, is that, the government just wants us kids to never think for ourselves and just study. Maybe my biggest gripe is that I have to question everything. I don’t know if this helps us but maybe the record suicides due to over stressed students should sound a wake up call to all the lazy dogs at the government. Unfortunately, I am not born to change the world (altough, I would love to), and so all I can do is whine and scream at this blog. It sure is a stress buster.


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