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Depth Of View June 17, 2006

Filed under: PSA — Master Cheif @ 1:22 pm

No, I am not talking about real vision. What I really mean to say, is that how many people, blinded by their own ignorance, do not realize what’s going on around them. When I say this I don’t refer to a single person but multiple people. There are many out there who have no idea about their rights. Whenever I read such a thing in my school books, I could never imagine what it would be like to be so ignorant.

I, however, did find out (albeit the hard way) what it is really like. I always wondered why village people or poor people cannot understand their rights and its use to the country. The problem is their enviornment. If anyone grows up in a slum-ish enviornment, he or she is sure to be brought up the wrong way. People don’t want to open their minds to some alternative.

Sure, its eazy to be lazy and not care about anything at all, but it takes a real man to step up. I have seen several instances where people, who knew that they were doing the wrong thing, did not have the “guts” to step up. They refused to act justly, acting as if they were ignorant. That is just pure selfishness. This may seem typical to most people, but there are some people who take this a step further.

I know several (all of my friends) people who don’t even know that by being ignorant espically in matters where people take things for granted (like financial matters), and do not realize that it is them who end up the losers. What may seem like a good idea, to be lazy, is not really so. In fact, even I, the whiner, have been tempted to be lazy but unfortunately I have a really piercing conscience.

My friends don’t realize how imporant money is. To them it is simply a note, a piece of paper. They understand that its worth a lot, but cannot understand what it represents. I am not trying to act cheap, but to me, money represents all the hard work that my parents took to earn it. Every note, is like a piece of their life, the time they took to earn it is invaluable and they hard work they undertook is even more precious. Obviously, I do not condemm anyone who spends it, I just condemm the people who take too many liberties with it. Everthing has a price and those who do not understand that have already forsaken themselves.

So, all I want to explain is that whether people understand it or not, they should not crtisize any one who does the right thing or who demands for their rights.


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