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Help! The Robots Are Coming June 24, 2006

Filed under: My Philosophy,PSA — Master Cheif @ 10:14 am

Its been over fifty years since the concept of robots doing all our stuff for us was conceived. Back then most people took A.I. for granted and assumed that as soon the hardware bugs were worked out we would have complete working machines. They couldn't be more wrong. Until the mid eighties the concept of the robot seemed impossible and was soon by the end of the millennium robots were being close to completed. Unfortunately the concept of A.I. was forgotten and what scientists ended up with was just scrap metal. Research followed and soon robots like Aibo and Asimo were developed.

Just this morning, I was watching the movie Robocop 3. The movie, altough being dull, kinda freaked me out. During the course of the movie, the cyborg Robocop, retains his memories and feels emotions. This may seem impossibe and truly the most amazing thing about the human body is its sheer complexity. But what if this complexity could be emulated ? Soon we could end up with metal cans having the same emotions as we have. At present, if such a thing were to happen, it would be amzing and truly celebrated.

Fast forward to the future. The "emotional" robot who is incharge of serving coffee at the local pub gets pissed off and murders his customers or the healing robot at the hospital begins to cry whenever he sees a patient die. For me, the concept of emotions should always stay with humans. It is what makes us humans. If it could be emulated, then so could the human brain, and soon we would be stuck with a Matrix-ish stiuation.

Maybe, I am just getting paranoid for nothing. Maybe, such technology is impossible. Come to think of it, since humans are flawed then surely its creations will be. This may not be necessary, because we already have seen how successive generations of technology get better and better. I am a true naturalist and believe the amazing human body, should belong sloely to humans and emulating it would the one of the biggest and worst crimes against nature.


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