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Passion Of The Subject June 26, 2006

Filed under: My Philosophy,Whines & Rants — Master Cheif @ 5:11 pm

I love to go to school. This statement may be controversial in itself. But seriously, I really do love to go to school, recently. Let me explain. In India, there is a system whereby, on completion of the tenth grade students are allowed to choose their own subjects. So, my favorite subjects being Science and Maths, I took those.

So, nowadays I love to go to school because I only have to learn my favorite subjects, albeit with some lazy and useless teachers. In my opinion, the passion for the subject is more than enough for me to like it, irrespective of any teachers.

Sadly, I cannot say the same for my colleagues. One chat with me and I am bound to go to the principles of science or maths. However, many of the students in my class, even my friends, do not share the same enthusiasm with which I learn my subjects. This seemed really odd to me in the beginning. When you are given full freedom to study whatever you want, then why not be enthusiastic about it.

After days of pondering, the answer came to me. It doesn’t matter what subjects you take, what matters is how passionate you are about it. For some, it may not be studies but sports, TV, books etc. Although, I still do wonder how people like these will turn out. I am not as boring as I sound, because I also like to have fun but still, these “students” do not even care to learn more about what they are being taught.

Maybe, this is an outsider’s perspective, and I would surely like it if someone gave me their views on this matter, I will still consider these “students” to be failures. According to me, anyone who cannot be passionate about their future, their studies (especially when give a choice) and their academic record will just turn out to be a failure.


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