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Prove Myself June 28, 2006

Filed under: My Philosophy — Master Cheif @ 5:03 pm

Realistically speaking, no matter what we do, it’s almost always done in order to impress someone or the other. Be it ourselves or someone else, we strive to raise our impressions about ourselves to others. There still remains one question which I cannot explain is, why?

Why should anyone even care what others think of them? This may sound stupid coming from someone who strives to be the best, even in someone’s eyes. I try to raise the bar, when it comes to the best. I am no suck up, and in fact, I sometimes (OK mostly) find myself criticizing the teachers actions. Yet, I do not understand why I need to do this.

So, I decided to carry out an experiment during my tenth grade. I began to act like myself, without a care in the world about how I projected myself on others. Long story short, I was a complete pompous moron. I was mostly stuck up in myself and sometimes even endangered myself by mixing with the wrong group.

For me, this need to keep my impression up is the driving force for me to lead a sinless life (i.e. not swearing, fighting etc.). However, the same cannot be said for everyone. I was lucky enough to realize the folly of my ways and corrected it as soon as possible (albeit a bit too late).

For some, the meaning of “having a good impression” is to have a good name in order to exploit it later, when they got into trouble. Basically, they misuse the confidence someone had in them. I say this, not of speculation, but of experience because I know someone who did this to me. I do not speak of him much (except to insult him) and so his story will have to found somewhere else.

Ultimately, it boils down to motive. For someone like me, proving myself, without doing any hard, is essential if I want to keep myself safe. It’s not like I have no self control but by stressing myself to keep an impression, I keep myself busy from going to the “dark side”. To anyone, who believes this is relevant, please follow it, for your own sake.


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