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No One To Trust June 30, 2006

Filed under: My Philosophy,PSA — Master Cheif @ 7:00 pm

You can easily find out who your true friends are when you look around you, during the hard times, that is, and see no one. This line is very clichéd but it still holds true even after so many years. I recently, meaning yesterday, had to give a small but very important speech in front of the whole school. It was important to me and I took it very seriously. Mind you, speaking in front of easily a hundred people is no easy task.

However, I completed the task, altough with a few slight hiccups here and there. But my main point is how my friends, who were making fun of me before my speech, reacted. It was nothing like I had ever seen. All of their faces were blank, their mouths dry and hatred (or jeaously) boiling inside them. Luckily my best friend, was not one of them.

It was at that moment that I realized, I have no real friends except one. I always used to have pride in the fact that I had a number of friends, but when I needed them the most only one showed up. I knew about one of my friends, he was prone to acting this way, but his gut reaction was astonishing. All he could say was bad about it.

Well, then again, you can’t expect people to be good just because you are. The main point I am trying to make through this post is that, even tough you may think you have many friends, when the time comes no one will be there. So, it is safe to be with only one or two good friends while considering the rest as nothing but disposable, temporary friends.


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